LUNG MING LI CO., LTD. offers PTFE hose assemblies for global customers

Founded in 2000, Lung Ming Li Co., Ltd. is a burgeoning company of high-grade polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) brake hoses and fittings.

The company offers PTFE hose assemblies for automotive, motorcycle, paintball-gun, capably tailor-made hoses, fittings to meet customers' various demands, as well as other applications.
Lung Ming Li's product mix consists of PTFE stainless steel-braided brake hoses, PTFE SS hoses in various diameters, power-steering hoses (rubber), PTFE SS crank oil hoses, coil hoses, airbrake hoses, high-pressure and high-heat resistant air/oil/steam hoses, fittings, and dapters, all of which have been delivered globally under its own LML brands as well as on an OEM basis.
The seasoned PTFE hose maker is able to supply high caliber hoses with 304 stainless-steel braiding at reasonable prices. Also, notable is that its hoses have been certified to meet major international standards, including US DOT, FMVSS 106, SAE J1401, ADR 7/00, TSD 106, GB 16897, and JIS D 2601: 2006 (JSAE/JSA).

The company's products are shipped, either directly or indirectly, to the global performance-tuning market and assemblers of powered two-wheelers (PTWs), all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), electric cars, and other types of vehicles.

Lung Ming Li`s PTFE hoses are well received by end-users from different sectors. (photo courtesy of Lung Ming Li Co.,Ltd.)