Lung Ming Li Co., Ltd.--PTFE stainless steel braided hoses, brake, hydraulic, steam and chemical hoses etc.

Lung Ming Li Co., Ltd. is a specialized maker of high-grade polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) brake hoses and fittings. Established in 2000, the company supplies PTFE hose assemblies for various applications, including automotive, motorcycle, paintball-gun, and others. In addition, the firm can supply a variety of hoses, fitting designs and configurations to meet various customers' demands.

The company globally markets its quality products under its own brands of ‘Dragon' and ‘Dragonfly' and also handles original equipment manufacturer (OEM) orders.
Lung Ming Li's major products include PTFE stainless steel braided brake hoses, PTFE SS hoses in various diameters, power-steering hoses (rubber), PTFE SS crank oil hoses, coil hoses, air brake hoses, high-pressure and high-heat resistant air/oil/steam hoses, fittings and adapters.

Lung Ming Li claims that it is able to offer high-caliber hoses with 304 stainless-steel braiding, premium crimping machines, high manufacturing efficiency, and reasonable prices, in addition to providing satisfactory customization services.

The company's PTFE SS brake hoses (working temperature range: -60 to +260 Celsius) has been certified to meet major international standards including US DOT, FMVSS 106, SAE J1401, ADR 7/00, TSD 106, GB 16897, and JIS D 2601: 2006 (JSAE/JSA).

Lung Ming Li currently operates a factory in central Taiwan with comprehensive semi- and fully-automated equipment. The firm stresses that its products are 100% made-in-Taiwan and the inner PTFE tubes are made of imported materials from DuPont. The firm's high quality level can be seen as it is the only Taiwanese company that has won the American DOT certification for full-series PTFE tubes. Any product will be 100% tested before it is shipped, the firm claims.

Lung Ming Li's products are directly or indirectly delivered to the global performance-tuning market as well as makers of assembled powered two-wheelers (PTWs), all terrain vehicles (ATVs), electric cars and other types of vehicles. Thanks to reputations for high quality and durability, the company now also supplies high-end brake hoses to many international PTW makers indirectly.

The company says that global demand for quality PTFE hoses has been outstripping supply for a certain period, and it is considering further expanding its production factory according to the market conditions.

Lung Ming Li Co., Ltd.
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